From corporate advertising and identity to direct response and digital, we strategize, write, design, program and execute to motivate response that achieves your

business objectives.

Communication as a catalyst for results.

This is Catalyst Communications.


Different challenges require different catalysts. Sometimes it’s a look. Sometimes, a turn of phrase. Sometimes, an irresistibly presented offer. Most of the time, it’s a combination of orchestrated stimuli that evoke the desired response. And always, it’s the right message at the right time.



We love what we do our clients

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Johns Hopkins Green Spring Station


US Family Health Plan at PacMed

Notre Dame
of Maryland University

When Johns Hopkins medicine was looking for a marketing partner to help promote their new outpatient facility at Green Spring Station, they looked no further than long-term marketing partner Catalyst Communications.

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PacMed, located outside of Seattle, WA, was searching for a new marketing partner that had an expertise in healthcare marketing, specifically TRICARE Prime insurance.  

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Notre Dame of Maryland University has launched new degree programs to untapped markets. Catalyst has played a pivotal role in NDMU’s growth, generating campaign after campaign of strategic, award-winning creative advertising.

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Catalyst is proud to be a marketing partner of Johns Hopkins Medicine and help JHM communicate to the public how they can get the care they need in the time of Covid-19.


After multiple presentations and strategic marketing meetings, Catalyst was selected as an agency partner for Notre Dame of Maryland University. The agency will begin work on a new mass media campaign for student recruitment beginning this Fall. Multiple colleges within the University will be a part of this exciting new campaign.


After years of mailing similar direct mail packages, the first new USFHP @ PacMed has hit the mail stream. This multi-step program begins with a #10 package, packed with information, beautiful imagery and response channel testing.