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Whatever you’re selling — product, service, or point-of-view — Catalyst Communications has the resources and experience to reach your audience and inspire the reaction you need. Our services are comprehensive — we’re an ad agency, design shop, direct mail house, and promotion agency conveniently wrapped up in one. We’re the partner who takes responsibility for all of your communications, and makes them all work together. Here’s a short list of what we do:


Today, advertising can be almost anything — and anywhere. Are your audiences spending hours in the car?  We’ll hit them with a billboard or a radio spot. Are they on the couch? We’ll reach them online or on TV. Wherever they roam, we’ll strategically meet them in their space and persuade them to take action.


Gorgeous printed material — it will never go away.  Catalyst boasts a team of passionate creatives — writers, designers, photographers —who will transform your messaging and research into compelling stories and images that will elevate your brand.


What makes your organization tick? What’s your voice? Your personality? What makes you “you?” By listening and strategizing and brainstorming, Catalyst will develop the vital elements that will become your signature look and feel on every marketing message you transmit to your people.                


We so got this. Direct response is how Catalyst started out in the business. Our knowledge is guru-esque. Our experience in managing large-scale, cost-effective direct mail campaigns, will deliver superior results. Period. End of story.



Keywords, AB testing, audience segmentation— creating and placing ads in the Google-verse takes shrewd strategy and a perfectionist attention to detail. We nerd out on this stuff, the measuring, tweaking, and optimizing. Everything we do for you is monitored, adjustments nimbly made, and benchmarked against overall brand and marketing goals.


Charity event, open house or new product launch — Catalyst knows how to generate the buzz. We’re dialed in to local media and can deftly plant stories, land coverage, and gain earned media.  

Direct & Digital Marketig


As a full-service agency, Catalyst buys media in virtually every medium, from Facebook and print ads to radio and outdoor. By partnering with Catalyst, you’ll get a media strategy that ensures you’re hitting your target audience—and using the best means to do so. Finally, we negotiate aggressive rates — always a plus for our clients.


What do you do better than your competitors? What are your challenges — and how can we knock through them? What are your new objectives? Let’s talk it over. At Catalyst, we ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening. As seasoned strategists, we know how to dig deep into the research, identify the differentiators, and develop results-driven creative that moves the needle.


If your website isn’t telling users what they need quickly and intuitively, you’re losing out. That’s where Catalyst comes in. Our responsive design will not only be informative and user-friendly, it will convert leads on any device. Optimized, accessible and beautiful, our web work delivers tangible results.

Media Plannng
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