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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Digital Marketing Campaign

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health wanted to test a new effort to reach out to non-converted leads from prior campaigns. They came to Catalyst to develop and execute a marketing plan to continue to strategically communicate with the non-converted leads. The objective was to re-engage a lapsed audience into the application process.


Not wanting to lose momentum from the prior campaign messaging, Catalyst incorporated that messaging into the new campaign, while refreshing it with a new primary message. The campaign consisted of 3 emails blasts to the list of non-converted leads as well as a banner ads geofenced in key recruiting areas. 

Why do we rely on Catalyst Communications for our design work?  Their team listens, understands our objectives, and translates our thoughts into tangible, useable concepts and strategies—patiently, accurately, on time, and on budget.  They’re not just an agency—they’re our business partner.”


Kathy Burk, Executive Director

Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation

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