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Lourdes Health Systems

Event Marketing/Website Development

South Jersey Heart Group (SJHG), located in southern New Jersey, is the leading cardiology group in the area. Their challenge was communicating their expertise to an ever-expanding market. Catalyst’s solution was to help SJHG develop and market a 2-day cardiology health seminar targeting two unique markets.


The general public was invited to attend on the first day and the second day specifically targeted the military and their unique health needs. Catalyst developed a comprehensive media strategy which consisted of digital advertising, social media, direct marketing, and POS signage in the main hospital and military base. The results were outstanding with a packed room each night.    

In addition to the event marketing, Catalyst also developed a new website for SJHG including the design, functionality and content.


Why do we rely on Catalyst Communications for our design work?  Their team listens, understands our objectives, and translates our thoughts into tangible, useable concepts and strategies—patiently, accurately, on time, and on budget.  They’re not just an agency—they’re our business partner.”


Kathy Burk, Executive Director

Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation

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