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Graceland University

Media Market Analysis & Recruitment

Graceland University has experienced tremendous growth across the mid-west for legacy programs and has launched new programs to untapped markets. Catalyst Communications has played a pivotal role, generating campaign after campaign of strategic, award-winning creative advertising. In highly congested mid-West markets, media research was key to placing advertising right where the target audiences would see it. 


Based on the conducted research, campaigns were developed using radio; outdoor in the targeted areas; digital advertising including Pandora radio, Facebook, Instagram, programmatic display, paid search and SEO; mall advertising; and cinema advertising. The results speak for search is up 10%, paid search is up 24%, and lead generation is up more than 8%!


Catalyst Communication provides our University with data informed marketing plans that drive enrollment. Their diligent approach and constant performance analysis keep our approach fresh and nimble.”


Scott Briell,

Vice President, Enrollment

Graceland University

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